Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting at the HOMESTEAD March 30th at 7 pm

JOIN US for a full membership meeting tonight, and key votes on the future of the Van Alstyne Homestead Society.

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  1. 03/30/09

    Meeting of the
    General Membership of the
    Van Alstyne Homestead Society

    A meeting of the general membership of the VanAlstyne Homestead Society was held on Monday March 30th 2009 at 7:00 PM at the VanAlstyne Homestead.
    Present were :
    Trustees Garth Macfarland, Neil Thomas (not present Victor Ferraro)
    Officers Joseph Trapani, President Evan Horne, Secretary Vince Fazio, Treasurer
    Members Barbara Spraker, Rachel Bliven*, Diane Forsberg*, John Buck, Melanie Shibley*, Albert Sakowicz, John DeValve, Grace Fenno, Jack Toomey, Noel Everett, Joanne Mickle, Stan McMillan, Christopher Hanley, Robert Chen, Rita Pineyro, Dr. Alfonzo Pineyro, Matt O’Brien, Cindy Sinchak, Alice Smith-Duncan, Dr. Donald Bowden. (*indicates new member)

    Pres. Trapani called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM

    Sec. Horne read the minutes of the November 24th 2008 special meeting into the record. A request was made to make these minutes available to the membership by posting them on the blog. The minutes were accepted on motion. Move Donald Bowden, Second Matt O’Brien

    Treas. Fazio gave a report on the treasures of the Society (see attachment ‘A’). A discussion followed surrounding;
    • Outstanding balances still owed by the society
    • Yearly operational expenses average between $11,000.00 and $12,000.00
    • The $5,000.00 donation from Arkell Foundation has been an essential part of our operations budget and is not available this year
    • A discussion of the ability of VAHS to sever its finances from the Fort Rensselaer Club
    • References to the Arkell Foundation should be careful to reference Arkell Foundation and not Arkell Hall.
    The Report was accepted on motion Move John Buck, Second John Devalve

    Sec. Horne read the minutes of the March 9th 2009 meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees into the record.
    The Following amendments were called for;
    • Amend Alice Duncan-Smith to Alice Smith-Duncan
    • Amend the Protocol for Transference of Art and Artifacts to require that a Trustee of the VAHS be present during the transference, and supervise Ms. Smith-Duncan’s actions at all time as a matter of audit control.
    There was a discussion of the authority of the gathered members, under the constitution of the Society, to approve the Board’s decision to release the art and artifacts to the Arkell foundation for safe keeping. After a thorough discussion the report was approved on motion. Move John Devalve Second Jack Toomey

    Pres. Trapani reported the following resignations;
    • Vice President Hans Drews Effective March 9th 2009 1:45PM
    • Secretary Evan Horne Effective April 1st 2009
    • Trustee Neil Thomas Effective Midnight March 30th 2009
    Pres. Trapani asked for a volunteer to serve as Secretary for the Society at the June meeting. Ms. Joann Mickle volunteered and was appointed.
    The resignations were accepted with regret Move Cindy Sinchak Second Joann Mickle

    Alice Smith-Duncan Reported on the membership meeting held March 16th 2009 at Canajoharie High School. Items discussed at this meeting and suggestions given at this meeting were;
    • Discussion of the state of the roof and the progress of the repair work on it.
    • A distinction between VAHS and Fort Rensselaer
    • Discussion of the impending visit of the agent from the NYS Historic Regents Charter Office
    • Ideas for building membership
    • Concerns about the perception that Arkell Foundation sustains the VAHS and the perception that the VAHS is therefore “all set” financially.

    Pres. Trapani reported on the repair work planned for the leak in the roof. The bid accepted by the Board was of Downes Construction and the quote for these repairs is $5,700.00. Work will begin in May. Downes is located in Fultonville, NY. A deposit of $1,750.00 must be made. The members, under advice from John Buck, determined to request that the contractor substitute copper in place of galvanized steel flashing in the repair work to be done. It was noted that the generous donation of the Arkell Foundation made this work possible.
    The guidelines from the State for donated funds to repair the roof were cumbersome. Pres. Trapani has discovered through research that it is possible to amend the scope of our original request to procure these funds to request that they be purposed to replace the boiler. As the boiler is not of historical value and unseen, the requirements for its installation will be more reasonable and the monies requested may be available in less time.

    Pres. Trapani summarized the Business Plan submitted by the Business Plan Committee, and subsequently submitted to Joseph Santangelo per his request at the November 24th 2008 meeting.

    Pres. Trapani called for a nominating committee. Noel Everett, Diane Forsberg, Chris Hanley, Alfonso Pineyro were appointed. The committee was accepted on motion. Move John Devalve Second Garth Macfarland.

    Pres. Trapani called for a By-Laws Committee to review and amend the by-laws. Alice Smith-Duncan, Cindy Sinchak, and Rachel Bliven were appointed. The committee was approved on motion. Move John Devalve Second Matt O’Brien.

    Pres. Trapani set the date of the annual meeting for June 29th 2009 at 7:00 PM EST at the Van Alstyne Homestead. Notice of this meeting shall contain the slate of officers to be voted on at the meeting.

    Alice Smith-Duncan reported that Fort Plain Museum has requested to borrow some Grider works from our collection for a display at their facility. After a brief discussion it was determined that this is too perilous a time in the life of VAHS to attempt to lend these works out.

    There being no further business Pres. Trapani adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM. The adjournment was carried on motion. Move John Devalve, Second Garth Macfarland.